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Calling All My YogaBros!

Calling All My YogaBros!

Are you a male who’s never done yoga before? You’re in the right place because this post is for all my YogaBros out there! Yoga is such an amazing practice for your mind, body, and soul and I love to work with guys on their practice because together we unlock the secrets and power of yoga that they never knew existed.

Yoga improves flexibility and helps you tap into being present by learning to focus and be a good listener (especially for the ladies 😉). Through the practice you’ll become more intuitive, in touch with your emotions, and able to attract what you’re looking for using the power of yoga with your mind, body, and soul connection. Yoga increases your sex drive… and let’s face it, women love men who do yoga!

I really enjoy teaching a YogaBro and for me it’s all about creating a safe space for guys to feel comfortable in their practice. Not sure where to start? I’m here for you! One move at a time, I’ll teach how to get into it with beginner poses that get you grounded with your placement on the mat.

No rush – we’ll take our time. It’s a lifelong journey and this is only the beginning. Stay committed and stay connected with me, and you’ll find yourself enjoying tons of amazing benefits. Check them out and see why becoming a YogaBro is the best! 

  1. Stronger Body, Stronger Mind

Watch your body get stronger as we work through different poses that you may not be used to in your day-to-day. Think of it as taking your routine at the gym to the next level – working those smaller muscles that don’t usually get a lot of attention can go a long way. You’ll discover more of who you are and what your body is capable of.

  1. Move Your Body in New Ways

It’s not just about flexibility! The more you practice, the more your range of motion improves and that can have a huge impact on your regular workout routine. You may soon find yourself able to do new things at the gym that muscle tightness prevented you from doing in the past. Yoga can even prevent future injuries.

  1. Become More Balanced, Literally

When you move your body in these new and different ways, you’ll find incredible and unexpected benefits like awesome strengthened balance. Strength training at the gym is one thing, but just wait until you see yourself in a challenging one-legged pose, you might surprise yourself!

  1. Discover the Power of Your Breath

Beginners to yoga often talk about how they never thought about their breathing before. But breath is a big part of yoga and you’ll quickly learn that it can completely change the way you carry yourself. Watch how it helps you flow through our session and into your daily life. 

  1. Give Yourself Real Active Rest

Our practice will enhance your breathing and ability to really actively rest in between your more intense workouts. Giving your body the time to heal and recover in between those heavy sessions is so essential, and our flow will accomplish that, even when you’re sweating! 

  1. Improve Your Overall Health

Remember, yoga isn’t just about your body – the discovery can go so much deeper. Yes, you will become stronger and more flexible, but you’ll also feel the benefits of slowing down your breath and going within when we meditate. Think of it as a session for your both your physical and mental health.

Fighting with addiction? Have a broken heart? Or just interested in yoga and don’t know where to start? Let’s look within yourself through the flow of yoga to heal and grow. If you feel like you’re missing pieces in your life, we’ll put them back together one pose at a time with me, your YogaBabe.

Let’s build confidence in your practice, one-on-one. We’ll flow together, anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s in person at your place, or online, trust the process. Together we will unpeel the layers and find what’s within you. 

Wondering what you need for our first session? I’ve got you! Here are a couple things that would be helpful as you prepare to start your journey as a YogaBro: a mat, comfortable shorts that don't ride up, a shirt that’s slightly fitted or won’t move too much, and of course, an open mind! I’m here for you and we’re going to have the best time. 

Enjoy yoga and meditation with me – let me guide you to a new beginning.