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Change is GOOD!!!

Change is GOOD!!!

We just started a new season and I absolutely love the vibe and feeling of transition that comes with that change. It’s like a fresh start and you can totally feel the energy 🔥 whether it’s in the air or out on the streets with the people around you, it is ELECTRIC.

The changing season feels extra special this time around because your YogaBabe is in the middle of a big transformation. I’ve been going deep into some mind body soul connection in the last couple of months and can feel myself evolving in an incredible way. Have you ever felt like you were in a bit of a funk? I had a moment like that mid-summer. I was super busy after going back to school (more news on this below!!) and decided to check myself. I felt like I had gone a little overboard with indulging after finishing school and living it up through the summer. And there’s totally nothing wrong with that! But I realized it was time to make a new goal to get back to the grind and challenge myself to grow by doing wonderful things that are good for me and make me FEEL good.

I’ve been taking it one day at a time and feeling sooooo alive – I’m alert and addicted to feeling good. And most importantly, I’m embracing the knowledge that it’s ok to take breaks and enjoy life. It’s healthy to be on and off a routine and no need to stress if you crash – we are human after all!

So that’s how I started my Brown Girl Transformation!!  💖 💕 I’ve created an amazing routine that lets me reconnect with myself every single day. I get up early for time with myself before I start my workday, drink a big glass of water, snuggle with my cats, put on my all-time fave yoga outfit so I feel my best version of myself and get geared up to work out, and then I rock my day.

Do you feel like you need a new routine? Fall is a great time to start. We’re transitioning into a beautiful time of year – cooler and shorter days invite us to let go, reconnect, and slooooooow down for self-care. For me, it’s all about being your best friend and feeling yourself! My transformation is all about CONFIDENCE and love, love, loving myself. 💎 

Every week of my transformation gets better and I’m constantly evolving. And what’s so fabulous is that YogaBabe Wellness is evolving too!!! I’m SUPER excited to announce some really big changes coming soon here on the website and in my overall offering… OK, I just can’t wait… so I’m gonna give you the scoop 😘 😘 This past June, I finished my training at Rhodes Wellness College, and I’m now officially certified as a Wellness Life Coach!!!!!! More on this real soon.

I can’t wait to guide you on your journey. The last few weeks of my own personal transformation have been a beautiful combination of experiences that I can guide you to achieve in your own life: learning to be alone and not lonely anymore, learning to love yourself with a deeper sense of feeling and emotions, doing self-care for YOU, growing into the new you (and loving it!), and unlearning unhealthy patterns with simple daily tips so you can create new daily healthy habits that YOU enjoy and remember. 

Tired of waiting to hit a certain point in your life to finally feel like you’ve arrived? Feeling disconnected from your body, your sensuality, and your intuition? I’m here to love and support your way to the new you.