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Shine the Light in Darkness

Shine the Light in Darkness

The days are getting shorter and darker 🖤 so let’s go dark and deep 💋💎 Dealing with trauma, pain, holding on, or uncomfortable with not knowing the unknown? Have something unresolved in your past? You aren’t alone. The fact that we carry our history with us in our bodies isn’t a bad thing! It’s an opportunity to have life send us forward with more perspective, and I’m here to guide you.

I decided to become a wellness life coach because I want to be there for clients so they can find the best way to better their life and find solutions for whatever situation they’re in. And the truth is, sometimes babes, you gotta look deep into the shadows to find your way into the light moving forward. ✨

Like many people, I struggled to cope with things that didn’t serve me for decades and finally stopped letting the negative haunt me. I’ve lived through repeated and endless cycles of hurt, pain, sadness, grudges, resentment, betrayals, and emotional mental psychological abuse… and once I realized that I was holding all that negativity in my body for so many years, I wanted to finally heal. It is hard work, but I learned to investigate with curiosity and compassion for myself. I started working deeply with my trauma back in 2005 and all these years later I know I still have more work to do. I’ve attended a ton of therapy and therapeutic sessions, group circles, group meditation, private yoga sessions with healers… topping all of this off with myself and my own tools in my magic belt.

The more I’ve uncovered, the more I find it doesn’t end. Sure, things get better! I’ve become less reactive and more at peace, but there is no end to your journey. Now I can share my knowledge and experience with my clients 😘 and at the end of the day, I am here to inspire and support them as they build confidence and make lasting lifestyle changes.

I’ve often found myself in a sort of teaching role throughout my life, and especially have always loved educating others about health and wellness. And somehow, whenever in those moments, I would always go much deeper in those lessons, diving into why someone was feeling a certain way, and talking through how to move forward. And the more I informally guided clients, the more I learned and developed my inherent coaching skills. ❤️ I realized that my calling is to guide others on their journey to overcome the things that are holding them back so they can live a truly joyful and satisfying life.

Because I have struggled with my own anxieties, depression, and poor self-esteem throughout my life, guiding others move past the same difficulties is the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. And that’s why I’ve become a wellness life coach!

I love learning about emotions and digging into why we are the way we are. Understanding human behaviour is what it’s all about for me. It’s OK to feel emotion! We are human and I encourage everyone to really and truly FEEL. I enjoy holding space for clients to do this with emotional intelligence and love.

It comes so naturally to me to talk to clients, and I want to be your guide so you can find the answers you might not be able to unlock. Let’s learn to see your past hardships as powerful life lessons. Let’s look at how you can follow your own path. Let’s remember that without darkness there is no light. Let’s work together to find balance between the two because it’s in the darkness that the stars shine brightest!! ✨

The most successful people are those not scared to fail ❤️ this is true in so many aspects of life including careers, families, friendships, goals, dedication to fitness commitments, and lifestyle choices. What do you want from life? Choose your surroundings wisely and make a conscious effort to surround yourself with nourishing and uplifting people 😘 People who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories. I’m here for you!! ❤️🙏

Have the courage to always shine your own light and walk your own path ✨ trust your abilities, follow your heart, and believe you can.

Get in touch to book a discovery consultation with me and let’s see where we can begin your new journey. Let’s shine that light in the dark.

xo, Nazzy ❤️