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This post is about tapping into my world to tell you guys how I became Yoga Babe and created Yoga Babe Wellness. I’m here to share my experience of sobriety, becoming awakened and living my true authentic self. This experience has taken me from victim to victory, from materialist to minimalistic, from lost to found and from religion to spirituality. It taught me to turn my pain into power, tough situations into meaningful lessons and sadness and depression into positive light. This process was slow and I had to put the pieces of myself back together one day at a time. I turned all of my ugliness into pure beauty in myself and the world around me.  

I learned to work with the good the bad and the utterly ugly, which at first created emotional, physical and mental purges. I got sick and tired of my own shit constantly haunting me, so I finally decided to face my fears and let go in order to become fully awakened and work on myself. I officially hit my final rock bottom on September 17, 2020. Thank God for Covid for putting me in lock down because I got the chance to dive deeper into personal growth and create a better relationship with myself. 

What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? 

It took me my whole life to figure out the answers to these questions, but I finally feel like I know my end game. I know I was put here to help guide others and teach the art of healing. I learned that one of the most important things in the process of healing is learning to love yourself. I have had to become my own best friend because I’ve realized that if you can’t love yourself you can’t properly love others. I learned that hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people. That’s where I come in. 

I can teach people about what I have learned myself. I have learned that the answers come by living a pure life, very mindfully and consciously, one day at a time. I’ve learned that letting go of negative toxic things and replacing them with positive ones actually comes naturally into your life, if you just take that first step. 

This is all a process. Negative, life draining addictions and holding on to my childhood trauma held me back for way too long. On September 17, 2020, I left all that behind in order to find my truth and my peace. 

I learned to properly journal: my emotions, my thoughts, the food I ate and the activities I did that day. This helped me keep my temptations in check by keeping me honest with myself. I cannot even explain how much healthier I feel now. I used to struggle with emotional overindulgence, but bringing awareness and mindfulness into my life helped me change all that and only eat when I feel naturally hungry. It took me a long time to have a healthy relationship with food, but I am finally here and I am excited to help you get there as well! Remember you are what you eat!

You become whatever thoughts you put in your mind and whatever emotions you feel in your body.  When you realize that, it really starts to show inside and outside of yourself. When you nourish yourself with daily exercise, better eating habits and healthy mindset therapies your whole world will change, just like it did for me. It brings so much clarity into your life, people, places and things all around you.

I have lost many friends along this journey and that is ok because we are all healing in our own ways and in our own time. I wish nothing but love, success and happiness for those that have left my life. However, this time in my life is finally about me and my growth. It’s time for me to share the light that I’ve experienced from being in the darkness for so long. 

I am here to teach you how to self-care, set proper boundaries, build emotional resilience, and live your truth each and every day. This will require you to be face some harsh realities about yourself, be willing to leave the past behind and have the courage to face your fears. To come out a shiny diamond, you must first be willing to walk through the fire and do some hard work. I promise though, the work is worth it. It’s worth it to open up all the infinite potential you have inside of yourself and become unafraid to try new things and explore life differently. 

You can get to a place where you never have to be afraid to ask for what you want, speak your truth and shine in front in others. It all starts with believing in yourself. You do not need to impress anyone, put on a fake smile or pretend to be someone you are not. You are perfect and amazing just the way you are. We are all special and unique. We unfortunately have been programmed by society to believe we are not good enough and we have to live up to some standard that it’s created for us. That couldn’t be further from the truth. That societal paradigm is toxic and will take you down just like it did for me in all my years before my awakening. Trust me. The most important first step in healing is letting go of that paradigm and embarking on a journey to find out who you really are once all the fake societal bullshit has been stripped off of you. 

One of the things I did to help me find my real self was learning to write in my journal like I was writing to a best friend. The magic really begins once that pen hits the paper and you start giving your thoughts a physical materialized place to live. That action starts the process of manifestation; it starts attracting people, places and things that help you dive deeper on the journey of self-discovery. 

Even though the journey of self-discovery is a beautiful one, it’s also challenging; it takes dedication determination and discipline.  You will have to go through a physical, mental and spiritual detox period where you need to tap into yourself, push away negative people, and create new healthy habits and rituals for yourself. This can include journaling, meditation, affirmations, healthy diet, yoga, self-massage, cooking for yourself, etc. It’s not easy to start incorporating new habits, but it is necessary in order to grow, learn and find peace in this chaotic world. 

Thank you so much for reading this post. I promise you guys that I will be writing different blogs to help you on these different aspects of healing. Stay tuned for more!