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Yoga for the YogaBro is specially designed to bring a female perspective to yoga for men. Going through a break-up, divorce, or simply curious about the spiritual healing world? Are you ready for a fresh new start? Let’s activate wisdom, personal development, and healthy living with a practice that will nurture your self-exploration.


I offer trauma-informed yoga for men that supports you in your evolution as you learn to tune into your true self. It is OK for men to express and learn new feelings! It’s all there internally but men often feel that they need to suppress these emotions on the outside. Let’s get spiritual together and dig beyond the matrix. Flex and get a deep stretch in not only your body but also your inner self.


Come through the dark to the light as you align your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual mind body connection in your yoga practice with me. Expand your inner sight with me through yoga and talk therapy, either over Zoom or in person. Different packages are available to suit your needs.


Let’s start your holistic journey to living healthier and tapping into your mind body connection. Get curious! Book a 15-minute meet and greet Zoom call and ask me anything. Get in touch at or @yogababewellness.